Hi! My name is

Maciej Oczko

I'm an engineering manager that loves mobile technology.

I'm focused on creating great culture that cares about individuals. I always try to listen and support everyone in my team.

I'm goal oriented project leader.
Delivering innovative solutions with great people has always inspired me. I'm big agile evangelist and I love team work.

I have strong technical background thanks to years of experience in iOS development.
Being technologically aware I care a lot about user experience and beautiful, clear UI.

Currently at Polidea.
Co-host at Cafe Nerd podcast.
Co-organizer of MCE 2018.
Creator of Dropnote app.
Co-founder at Mobile Academy.

Co-organized MCE 2017.
Involved in C4S & C4P process at MCE 2016 and MCE 2015.

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